About Us

Labour Digital is the home of digital and technology policy for Labour Party members and supporters.

We bring together entrepreneurs, politicians, trade unionists, business leaders, academics and anyone with an interest in the future of the digital economy to understand the future of Britain, and why Labour has a vital role to play in a digitally transformed world.


Our History

Started in 2013, Labour Digital works with the Labour Party to help Labour politicians better understand technology, the digital economy and the public policy opportunities and risks that come with it. Working with like minded supporters of the Labour Party, Labour Digital briefs politicians, holds events and produces thought leadership and policy publications.

Labour Digital is led by a board of prominent labour politicians and business people, and is managed by a steering committee of volunteers.


Our Purpose

Labour Digital provides a home for Labour Party members and supporters who want to be part of the debate about the future of the UK digital economy. It will be the go-to place to get the latest thought leadership about the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, and the role that a future Labour Government has to play to make sure the economy works for all.

We’ll use our Digital Policy Lab to reach out to Labour Party members across the country, to start the debate on the tricky policy issues of the next generation, and to bring experts and thought leaders together.

In addition, Labour Digital will:

  • bring together experts and members to produce policy reports and recommendations;
  • provide support to the Labour shadow team and Labour MPs on digital related issues;
  • seek manifesto commitments based on our thought leadership and policy reports;
  • promote a greater understanding of digital and technology policy issues within the Labour Party and its affiliated groups; and
  • promote awareness of and be a champion of Labour Party policies within our established networks.


Our Funding

Labour Digital has historically been managed entirely by volunteers, and is an unincorporated association. However, thanks to the generosity of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust (www.jrrt.org.uk) and our Director Darren Jones MP, Labour Digital is now financially supported through grants and donations made to the Office of Darren Jones Limited. We will soon be launching a membership offer for our supporters to seek sustainable income from our supporters.